Spring Water Flavors

*Spring Water Flavor pack!What Are Spring Water Flavors?
Spring water flavors are concentrated, water-soluble liquids that add delicious taste to life’s natural drink.

Do I Need Spring Water?
No, you may use the flavors in any type of water, but you will experience the clearest taste when using spring water.

How To Use Spring Water Flavors
This is one of the most frequently-asked questions. However, because everyone has different tastes, the answer is never definite. The simple answer given: conjecture. In other words, you get to determine how much you flavor you use in the water, but we recommend that you follow a short exercise to determine the perfect recipe for you:

1. Get an 8 oz. glass of water.
2. Add one drop of flavor to the water.
3. Taste the water.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 until it satisfies your tastes.

How Long Does One Bottle Last?
Many times, you will only need two drops per 8 ounces, but sometimes you’d like it stronger. As long as you stay within a reasonable number of drops per eight ounces of water, a single bottle of water flavor might provide up to 1000 drops of water flavor.

Still Can’t Taste the Flavor?
Sometimes, certain flavors can hide in the taste of the water. You can bring out that flavor by adding a natural sweetener such as agaver, and mixing up the drink a bit. A little bit of sweetener can go a long way in these cases, so start with small amounts.

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