Herbs For Breast Enlargement

Breast EnlargementIf you decide you want to increase your breast size, surgery is a risky proposition. There are genuine risks such as an allergic reaction to the anesthetic, loss of sensitivity, post-operative infection — not to mention the implant may leak or migrate. Did you know that there are herbs to make your breasts bigger?

To people who are happy with their bodies, breast augmentation surgery may seem frivolous. It may seem a high price to pay for vanity, but self-esteem issues are not frivolous. It’s easy to think that you should just be happy with the body that God gave you, but a new study says that some women report better sexuality and improved self-esteem after breast augmentation surgery. The University of Florida study showed that women who already had positive self esteem, enhanced their sexuality by increasing their breast size.

It sounds amazing, but herbs for breast enhancement are nothing new. Any knowledgeable herbalist will tell you these herbs have been around since the time of harems. The great thing is that they have many positive effects on the body. For instance, Fenugreek is one herb that has a long history as a healing herb and is known to:

  • relieve diarrhea
  • control diabetes
  • minimize symptoms of menopause
  • relieve constipation
  • reduce cholesterol
  • ease minor indigestion
  • soothe sore throat pain and coughs

Using Fenugreek in a blend with other herbs can give a great result without going through the pain, expense, and health risks associated with breast enhancement surgery. So what are the positives associated with natural breast enhancement?

  • the herbs come with no health warnings
  • the herbs are plant based, not pharmaceuticals
  • long history of safe use

If you’re considering breast enhancement surgery, consider going the natural route. There are no negatives and surgery still remains an option for a later time.


  1. Liza S. says:

    This is certainly very interesting. Are there any studies showing that certain herbs increase breast size? If so, I’d be very eager to try them!

    Liza S.s last blog post..Christmas Shopping Complete

  2. admin says:

    See James Duke’s book ‘The Green Pharmacy.’

  3. Clark says:

    Interesting research. I’d rather have my girlfriend take herbs for breast enlargement than go under the knife. Breast implants have serious implications that are really alarming.

    Orange County Private Investigator

  4. Nadine says:

    I have tried using Fenugreek for Breast enhancement. Well, it works great and with some other herb combination, I grow about half inch. One thing I dont like: Fenugreek make you stinks “below” there!!
    .-= Nadine@Breast Success Before After´s last blog ..Breast Success Review =-.

  5. Good points – and I’m sure that the breast enhancing capabilities could work well in conjunction with augmentation surgery, but I don’t really know that one can be a replacement for the other. Breast augmentation surgery is quite safe nowadays, and many surgeons will guarantee the quality of their work. There is a risk of loss of sensation, but there is also risks with herbal medicine; it simply isn’t possible to have a substance that has all good effects and no potential bad ones, and it doesn’t hold true that simply because something is natural it is safe. Like the points – but there certainly can be negatives, including spending money for no result!

  6. Nadine says:

    I also heard that fenugreek can help your breast grow. Just get some fenugreek seeds and make it as a tea, it could help giving estrogen to make your breast grow.

    And I also heard fenugreek with oil to massage your breast can make your breast grow bigger.
    .-= Nadine@Breast Enhancement´s last blog ..Zoft Gum Review =-.

  7. Using herbs and foods for breast enhancement is really nothing new. This mastogenic effect has long been known and used in various cultures throughout the world dating back to the harem girls in the middle east.
    .-= Breast Implant Removal´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  8. Kathryne says:

    @Nadine from Breast Success Before After:
    I was wondering how long did fennugreek take to work and how much did you take a day?

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