Flatulence: Herbs For Gas

Flatulence Gas FartingFlatulence. Farting. Gas. Whatever you call it, it’s socially unacceptable. Nevertheless, it’s a very common occurrence for both men and women. Although many males grow up believing females don’t pass gas, some individuals have more problems with flatulence than others. Oftentimes this is caused by dietary habits or sensitivities to certain foods.

Many people will become gassy if they’re lactose intolerant, and they eat milk-based foods. Some will have the problem when eating grains such as wheat or rye, and still others will experience gas when they eat heavy carbohydrate meals. People who have chronic gas, however, often have an imbalance of digestive flora and bacteria. Specifically, they usually have too much Candida yeast flourishing inside their bodies.

There are many herbs which can neutralize gas, and many others which can force it to be expelled from the body. Which one you need will depend on your particular level of discomfort. Some people who get very bad gas for instance, feel quite bloated and swollen, and sometimes their stomach areas are a bit tender too. When this is the case, it’s usually easiest and fastest to neutralize the gas if you can. Neutralizing herbs are excellent for babies with gas and bloated, tender stomachs as well.

Flatulence Cure One of the best ways to deal with stomach aches caused by gas is with peppermint or spearmint. Both will expel gas from the colon, and calm vomiting too. This is a very common remedy used for babies particularly, because they like the sweet taste of these herbs. Simply put a small peppermint candy in a baby bottle with distilled water, or make a weak peppermint tea and put that into their bottle.

Any herb which is high in chlorophyll is excellent for neutralizing gas too. Standard green teas for instance, or Parsley and Alfalfa supplements work wonderfully.

Garlic will expel gas from your digestive tract as well, and this herb is particularly important for people who have chronic gas problems. Since chronic flatulence is a sign of having an overgrowth of yeast bacteria in your digestive tract, taking garlic for several days will help kill the internal yeast infection, and re-balance the proper flora within your body.

If however, you notice that you seem to get more gassy after eating certain foods, you may want to try experimenting with what you’re eating. Cutting down on certain milk products for instance, could solve your primary gas problems, as can cutting down on wheat, rye or gluten.

Some people have found excellent results by simply lowering their intake of sugars and simple starches, and this probably works so well because it effectively starves the candida yeast bacteria.


  1. windyridge says:

    I think too that if you eat a very high fiber diet you are going to have gas no matter what don’t you think?

    windyridge’s last blog post..Garden Challenge New Additions

  2. admin says:

    Yup, that can do it too.

  3. Rhys says:

    Thanks for the info in this article – it is right on the button for me. I’m glad that someone can publish useful data on a socially unacceptable topic.

    Rhyss last blog post..Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

  4. mark says:

    I have always heard that peppermint is really good for the stomach, and it usually is something that I rely on whenever I have an upset stomach and want a natural remedy.

  5. Jodie says:

    Thanks for this helpful post. So many people associate yeast infections or thrush with women, but are not aware of the fact that yeast infections can affect men too. It is also a good tip to be aware of the fact that too much Candida yeast in the body can also cause nasty flatulence and stomach problems. Thanks for publishing these tips on a sensitive topic.
    .-= Jodie @ Yeast Infection Cure´s last blog ..About Us =-.

  6. Very useful Post.I would like to add – cabbage and Kidney beans are very effective in controlling Flatulence.

  7. Tian says:

    It is a very useful post. I think that flatulence, farting or gas are always associated with the upset stomach. If there is something wrong with stomach, it also would presents on the tongue. So from tongue diagnosis, you can find what cause those problems inside the stomach.
    .-= Tian@Chinese medicine´s last blog ..Upset Stomach and Tongue Symptoms =-.

  8. clarissea says:

    Ginger is really good for the stomach. Boil it in water with some sugar and drink it hot. If you have sore throat, that will help out too.

  9. VZ says:

    For about the last 4 months I was struggling with chronic and severe gas. It was so annoying because it seemed that no matter what I ate, it gave me gas, even foods that I used to eat in the past that never gave me a problem. I was perplexed as to why so I started researching it and realized that I might have a build up of yeast or “bad bacteria” or not enough good bacteria in my gut. I started taking probiotics but that alone didn’t help me. I started to identify foods that gave me the most gas and the quickest gas and I began to avoid them–especially foods with maltodextrin and dextrose which gave me extreme gas with pain and bloating. Finally, after much research I decided to try DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. I was hopeful. I looked at different brands and found that GNC brand had the higest doses with just one pill. One pill was helpful, but not enough, so i started taking two before meals. That helped tremendously but not completely, so I began taking probiotics before every meal, and took 2 GNC digestive enzyme pills right before the meal and then 2 right after. FINALLY, SUCCESS. I’m finally gas free but I need to keep taking them or it will come back. I am going to go to a doctor to see if I can get something perscribed as though the GNC enzymes work, they are $20 a bottle and since I have a perscription plan, if I get something perscribed it will probably be half the price. Considering I might have to take this for the rest of my life, half off would be a savings. I have so say though, the combination of the two: probiotics and digestive enzymes is what finally helped me completely. The gas is minimal (normal really as everyone passes gas at least a few times a day) and it’s controllable. It won’t just break loose randomly. The smell is gone also. I know all this might sound funny but trust me it’s not. Gas like that is embarassing and definitely NOT funny. I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone else know what worked for me in case you want try it!

  10. Shawn says:

    I’ve been reading a number of medical studies saying that trapped gas can cause IBS. Thanks for the tips about some methods of dealing with it.

  11. David M says:

    Excellent post. I recently returned from a long vacation and was given a series of antibiotics to ensure I didn’t pick up anything nasty from my stay, but they completely destroyed my digestive bacteria and wreaked havoc on my bowel movements. A friend of mine recommended I eat more garlic (especially after smelling my flatulence…) and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made. I now cook with garlic several times a week and I definitely find it helps control my flatulence when I am eating a high protein diet for weight lifting.

  12. Brenda Scott says:

    i usually encountered it too…:-) and it’s UNCONTROLLABLE and REALLY EMBARASSING especially when you are with someone you don’t know. sometimes i take Buscopan for this gassy thing. And works for me. Glad i heard about it from a lot people who is really suffering more than my self..:-)

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